General Information

Mud Bog:†††††††††††† The biggest complaint from the 2006 event was rocks got stuck in the brake rotors.† Stock ATVís and automobiles have guards on there disc brakes which keep rocks out of the calipers.

Acceleration:†††††† Distanceó150 feet on asphalt

Maneuverability:†† It will be a fairly open course using 1000+lb hay bales as the obstacle/pylons.†

Pulling Event:†††††† We have a traditional sled pull device for the event.



†& Traction:†††††††† It will be tough.† It will be in the afternoon.†† Logs, jumps, stair steeps, etc.


Endurance Event:† We will be utilizing the progressive difficulty course again.† 4 to 8 of the tougher obstacles will have bypasses for the first hour of the event.† Then, we will open each obstacle, 1 approximately every 15 minutes, until all obstacles are open.

T-shirts:††††††††††††† Solid Works will be providing free T-shirts to all students.† Baja SAE Wisconsin has also designed their own T-shirt (logo below) and you may order them before the eventóthe will be lightweight synthetic shirts.

Drinking Water:††† Each team will be provided with a case of drinking water.† The water on-site is not suitable for consumption so plan on bringing water from your hotels.

Food:††††††††††††††††† There will be a concession stand on site.† Lunch will be provided on Friday by Honda.† Lunch on Saturday will be provided by Oshkosh Corp.† There will an AWARDS BANQUET on Sunday after the Endurance race served by Quaker Steak &† Lubeó $5 for students, $15 for guests.

PA:†††††††††††††††††††† There will be a PA system for announcements


College of Engineering - University of Wisconsin